As an organization whose mission it is to cultivate safe and accessible active transportation in Nebraska, we feel an urgency to issue the following three point call to action in light of the severity of recent pedestrian and bicycle fatalities.


Our 3 Point Plan for how YOU can help:


Report dangerous intersections, poor sidewalks, obscured traffic signs and other dangerous conditions to your local mayor's hotline or city hall.


Follow your city council, know how decisions about decisions about your streets are made.  Attend public meetings.


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What We're Doing

We are currently analyzing a variety of data to identify trends and potential solutions.  We have visited the crash site in Blair (see the video footage of our experience crossing this intersection) and are discussing with our congressional delegation ways a proposed truck bypass project can be fast tracked.  

In addition, we are actively working with the Nebraska Department of Transportation on issues related to biking and walking, and have been told internal Complete Streets policy language is being drafted. This is a positive step. In the meantime, we are calling on the NDOT to review all projects currently in the 5 year plan involving a state highway located within city limit boundaries or urban extraterritorial jurisdictions to ensure the safety of people biking and walking is accounted for in the design. 

We are calling on Nebraskans to do better. People biking and walking have the right of way in intersections; look twice before you turn. Know the speed limit and follow it. Keep your phone out of your hands.


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