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BWN is in support of LB 39, which requires a disability impact statement for certain legislation to ensure future legislation does not affect the safe mobility options for disabled Nebraskans.

Program manager, Annabelle, reflects on her time in Argentina, outlining the impacts of active transportation on cultural norms and overall lifestyle.

BWN calls on Mayor Stothert and the Public Works Director to clarify their intentions for the Bikeway and share their budgetary calculations and concerns voiced in the MSC meeting with BWN, the funders of this project.

The announcement of the new Builder's District brings the opportunity for a spectacular example of active transportation infrastructure, connectivity, and mobility in the Urban Core of Omaha.

Evaluation of the Market-to-Midtown Bikeway, the first protected bikeway in Omaha, Nebraska, as it reaches it's 12-month anniversary.

Nebraska ranks 49th in new Bicycle Friendly State rankings.

Looking ahead to 2022!

Annabelle explains bikeway counter data collection.

Annabelle shares her thoughts on bicycle commuting.

Mona discusses her new perspective on equity, safety, and climate as she begins her daily walks to and from the office.

Introducing our newest business member, Schemmer.

Omaha's Pilot Bikeway Project and SHAREOmaha

Unicam Update: LB 164

Making ends meet during Budget Week at Bike Walk Nebraska

This is a list of candidates running for the Nebraska Legislature in 2020, including website and Facebook page information.

Mona's busting out her hi vis gear for walking when it's dark.

I Engaged the Process: a follow-up to Mona's advocacy action.

Mona describes an error in her trail etiquette and the importance of knowing your left from right.

Mona's musing about one of her best friends, Ivy, who just happens to be a bicycle.

Bike Walk Nebraska's statement supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Be our Bike Walk Buddy! Here's a great activity you can do with your kiddos that combines fresh air, exercise and education: print out these age-appropriate worksheets and do a walk/bike safety review of your neighborhood. This will also give you a great opportunity to talk about safe biking and walking as the spring weather (hopefully) starts to break. We'd love to see how they turn out - send us a copy of your form or even a story your child wrote to, or tag us on social media with any artwork created!

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