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It's Getting Dark Early These Days

Boy, it’s getting dark early these days!  I’m still walking my three miles every morning, but lately I’ve been having to leave my sunglasses at home. And today, I needed to head out a little earlier since I had a busy day ahead.  Whoa!  Wake-up call - the days are definitely shorter!

If you’re like me and enjoy getting a walk or ride in early before your day gets started, now is definitely the time to put the sunglasses away and get out your hi vis gear.  I pass several other walkers on my route and I’m amazed how little care is taken to be seen. I always make sure I have reflective clothing or hi vis gear when I’m out at dusk, dawn, or in the dark.  And, yes, I agree with you, pedestrians shouldn’t have to go out of their way to be uber-visible; but Nebraska’s current climate for pedestrian and bicyclist safety requires us to be mindful of our vulnerability.  Julie and I are working on making active transportation safer, but in the meantime, get out that hi vis gear and keep walking and pedaling! 


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