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Biking to Work

Annabelle shares her thoughts on bicycle commuting.

I am fortunate to live just under 3 miles away from our new office. By bike, it’s a zippy, yet hilly, 15 minute commute. My route is a mix of the tranquil Field Club Trail, chaotic Leavenworth Street/UNMC, and residential climb up Douglas Street to 49th Street in Dundee. One of the days I rode was after our first hard freeze which created a beautiful autumn sight of yellow leaves falling all around me on my way down the Field Club Trail. It was also a bit chilly, but nothing a few layers and thick gloves couldn’t handle. I also managed to work up a sweat from the 312 ft elevation gain I got that day (according to my Strava). 

Bike commuting is not new for me and the route is similar to old commutes I’ve taken around Omaha. I have always loved riding my bike as a means of transportation. It’s a way I am able to incorporate cardio into my schedule without having to plan extra time to workout or go to the gym. I rely on Google Maps for a good bike route that tends to stick to quieter, safer roads when possible. Having commuted in Omaha, I am used to being extra cautious on streets and wearing reflective gear to be safe in areas where bikes are often overlooked. Part of my commute is on Leavenworth near 42nd Street which is quite hectic especially during rush hour, so having extra confidence on your bike is definitely needed. Bike commuting is made easier with amenities such as bike lanes (Market-to-Midtown Bikeway on Harney!) and electric bikes from the Heartland B-Cycle stations. Whether you commute for work or to go grab drinks with a friend, I think it’s a fun way to get around town!

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