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Nebraska Bike/Ped Laws

The laws listed here are for informational purposes only. The legal information on our website is not a substitute for the primary sources of law in your jurisdiction or the personalized advice of an attorney. Bike Walk Nebraska is not responsible for any exclusions, omissions, deletions, or changes of relevant laws. If you have questions or concerns regarding your state or local laws, consult those primary sources or an attorney.

What is the Law?

Do I have to wear a helmet when I ride my bike?

Nebraska has no helmet law for bicycles. It is legal for all persons of any age to operate a bicycle without wearing a helmet unless otherwise provided by a municipal regulation. But we believe it’s always a good idea!

Can I ride my bike on the sidewalk?

Nebraska does not have a statute that specifically prohibits riding your bike on the sidewalk.  However, some cities have specific areas (usually in downtown districts) where bicycling on sidewalks is prohibited. Please check your local ordinances for details.  

Are bikes allowed on all Nebraska roads?

A person riding a bicycle has all of the rights and duties of the driver of a vehicle under Nebraska’s Rules of the Road. Click here for the detailed statute. If you want to see what is included in the Nebraska Driver’s Manual about bicycles, click here.  (Check out the back cover to see our influence!)

Is there certain equipment I’m required to have on my bike?

Nebraska law requires a front headlight when riding at night, a rear red reflector and brakes in good working order. Click here for the detailed statute.

What’s the deal with bike share and e-scooters?

Bike share and electric scooters are rapidly making their way into Nebraska cities. Stay in touch with Bike Walk Nebraska to learn more about emerging laws in this area.


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