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Introducing the 2024 Unicameral Session

Welcome to 2024 and the 108th Nebraska Legislative Session!

My name is Taylor Sterba and I will be your guide through these next 60 days of bill introductions, advocacy calls, committee hearings, floor debates, and final votes. 

Bike Walk Nebraska follows the legislature through each session using an intersectional lens, directing our time and energy towards bills about mobility, safety, and accessibility. For example, last year Bike Walk Nebraska voiced our support for Legislative Bill (LB) 39 requiring disability impact statements for certain legislation. This bill recognized that disparities exist for people with disabilities within Nebraska and that the Legislature has an obligation to reduce those disparities and identify bills that have the possibility of exacerbating or reducing barriers. After all, the growth and safety of active transportation is not purely transportation focused; it intersects with infrastructure, education, mobility and accessibility, health, public safety,  job opportunities and income, environmental impacts, and so much more. 

During this legislative session, Bike Walk Nebraska will not be championing a specific bill, but instead will watch for bills impacting mobility, accessibility, and safety for all vulnerable road users. Our bill tracker will stay up to date as the session progresses and we encourage you to follow along and reach out to your senators with comments.

"The people, the citizens of Nebraska, act as the second house at the policy level; we provide oversight and accountability."

I recognize that interacting with ‘politics’ may not sound appealing, especially in recent times, but Nebraska is unique. We are the only state with a unicameral, meaning one house (no separate Senate and House). The people, the citizens of Nebraska, act as the second house at the policy level; we provide oversight and accountability. We are a powerful force when we work together and it is we who can make Nebraska “The Good Life” instead of “It’s not for everyone.” 

If being involved with the unicam’s process is  technical or confusing, or you simply want to know more about how to advocate  for causes important to you, we have a webinar on January 25th. There we will talk about our strategic work plan for 2024, our policy focuses, and answer any questions related to the legislature. 

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