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Introducing: Bike Walk Give Day

Bike Walk Nebraska is excited to announce Bike Walk Give Day, a 24-hour, statewide, online giving event created to rally Nebraskans in support of active transportation nonprofits. 

We are grateful to have spent the last three years co-hosting Goldenride Bikefest and supporting hundreds of cyclists getting to experience Nebraska trail towns. As a statewide advocacy organization, we want to serve the entire state, and so enters Bike Walk Give Day! 

The first annual Bike Walk Give Day is happening on April 16th, from midnight to midnight. 

Bike Walk Give Day was created as a simple idea: a day to rally Nebraskans in support of the active transportation nonprofits serving their communities.  

As the hosts of the giving event for at least the next three years, we seek to:

  • Raise awareness: Nebraska is full of organizations pursuing active transportation-related work. Bike Walk Give Day will raise awareness of current active transportation causes, needs, and projects by harnessing a statewide audience for a singular day of giving.
  • Accelerate Community Efforts: Bike Walk Give Day seeks to help local, regional, and statewide active transportation nonprofits cultivate new funding and increase fiscal capacity.
  • Target Active Transportation: Every organization participating in Bike Walk Give has a demonstrated record of service pursuing active transportation services, needs, infrastructure, and programs.

In 2024, we expect to have twenty participating nonprofits with a 50/50 split of organizations representing Metro Nebraska and Greater Nebraska. Donations can be made online at starting during early giving on April 1st. 

Last year was a record year for active transportation in Nebraska, with nearly $50 million of federally-funded projects kicking off, yet we know that we need to do more to keep Nebraska streets safe for all users. 

Bike Walk Nebraska needs help to do it. Cultivating active transportation opportunities requires cross-sector collaboration and partnerships  Now is the time to harness Nebraskan's generous and collaborative spirit, by easily connecting them to local, regional, and statewide active transportation nonprofits

We have the power to significantly impact the future of communities. Together, we'll make biking and walking a part of The Good Life.

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