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Executive Director Julie Harris, Board President Katie Bradshaw and longtime supporter and former Mayor of Bellevue Rita Sanders recently attended the National Bike Summit in Washington DC. Julie and Rita presented “Building Coalitions in Red States” on the first day of the conference and the group visited Nebraska’s 5 members of Congress to advocate for better biking and walking.


Relevant Bills from the 2019 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee

LB 521 - Automated Vehicles

Introduced by: McConnell (Omaha)   Read the bill here.

Our Stand:  Proponent

This bill tightens up the one that passed last year. As it stands now, the state has no way of knowing what is going wrong with these vehicles until it is too late. We need to have confidence that this technology will not adversely impact vulnerable road users, and we can't have that if the data is not available.

LB 665 - Electric Scooters

Introduced by: Friesen (Chair, Henderson)  Read the bill here.

Our Stand: Neutral

We believe electric scooters can add choices to mobility in our urban areas and have the potential to replace short car trips. This bill has some language that has promise and some that is troubling, but the reality is the bill addresses a problem that doesn’t even exist yet since scooters haven’t broached the state line to this point. We believe any restrictions on e-scooters are best developed at the local level until proven otherwise.

LB 620 / LB 40 - Distracted Driving

LB 620 Introduced by: Kolowski  (Omaha)  Read the bill here.

LB 40 Introduced by: Hilkemann (Omaha)   Read the bill here.

Our stand: Proponent

This is fine line - some enforcement-based solutions to road safety can be problematic because of the potential for racial/ethnic profiling. At the same time, distracted driving is a huge issue for vulnerable road users and we can’t ignore these concerns. Nebraska is one of only 4 states remaining that doesn’t make texting while driving a primary offense.

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