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Our Core Beliefs

We Believe

  • The safety of all users of our streets and roads requires a proactive approach at the planning and policy level.

  • Street and road design directly impacts the safety of people biking and walking and Nebraska streets and roads need to be designed to be safe for all users.

  • The speed of vehicles is a major contributor to the severity of all crashes, including those that lead to serious and fatal injuries of people that bike and walk.

  • We must address mobility justice issues related to those who bike and walk, especially those for people of color and those for whom active transportation is not a choice.

  • Data and technology have the ability to improve safety for all users of our streets and roads.


Bike Walk Nebraska Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Strategic Priority: Trail Development & Bicycle Tourism

Support trail development and bicycle tourism on the local, state and regional level. Tactics:

  1. Catalyze Cowboy Trail development
  2. Catalyze MoPac Trail completion
  3. Assist smaller communities with bike tourism potential
  4. Utilize tourism opportunities to consistently reinforce the need for complete streets and other transportation issues
  5. Develop and implement Bike the Good Life Campaign

Key Strategic Partners: Nebraska Trail Foundation, Nebraska Tourism, State of NE Game & Parks, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Local/Regional trail groups

Strategic Priority: Policy, Projects and Advocacy

Catalyze policy, projects and legislation that promotes best practice and improves safety for all users of Nebraska streets and roads. Tactics:

  1. Advocate for safer, more accessible active transportation options
  2. Strengthen relationships within NDOT and advocate for the interests of active transportation
  3. Advocate for policy and projects that improve safety and accessibility for biking and walking
  4. Work with state senators, local officials and decision makers to develop and achieve legislative goals
  5. Develop a Mobility Justice Advisory Council

Key Strategic Partners: Nebraska Department of Transportation, local bike/ped advocacy groups, Nebraska municipalities, MPO’s, Non-profit community, philanthropic community, key decision makers, League of American Bicyclists


Strategic Priority: Marketing, Outreach & Influencing

Develop coordinated outreach and marketing campaigns to improve awareness of and support for active transportation. Tactics:

  1. Rebrand NeBA to formally include walking
  2. Create and implement consistent messaging and education for members
  3. Identify “influencers” from emerging generations and develop collaboration/sponsorship opportunities
  4. Refresh donor and business membership campaigns
  5. Develop strategy for fundraising and annual giving
  6. Develop a Bike Shop Owners Advisory Council

Key Strategic Partners:  EmSpace Group, bike shop owners, people younger and cooler than us.


Strategic Priority: Internal Organization

Update Internal Structures to Support the Organization’s Evolving Needs. Tactics:

  1. Increase internal capacity by hiring additional staff when able
  2. Recruit and maintain a board of directors that reflects a diversity of skills, geographic locations, gender and race.
  3. Clarify Board of Directors roles, function and duties
  4. Update financial/organizational systems to meet or exceed recommendations
  5. Coordinate with an outside vendor to perform a full financial audit
  6. Identify funding streams for each identified Strategic Priority
  7. Develop metrics and standard reporting for progress development
  8. Update and maximize membership database capabilities

Key Strategic Partners: Non Profit Association of the Midlands


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  • Valentine Bike Share
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  • Lied Lodge
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