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Our Core Beliefs

We Believe

  • The safety of all users of our streets and roads requires a proactive approach at the planning and policy level.

  • Street and road design directly impacts the safety of people biking and walking and Nebraska streets and roads need to be designed to be safe for all users.

  • The speed of vehicles is a major contributor to the severity of all crashes, including those that lead to serious and fatal injuries of people that bike and walk.

  • We must address mobility justice issues related to those who bike and walk, especially those for people of color and those for whom active transportation is not a choice.

  • Data and technology have the ability to improve safety for all users of our streets and roads.


Bike Walk Nebraska Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Strategic Priority: Vibrant Active Tourism

Expand tourism capacity through policy, toolkits, & research

  1. Address equitable needs of rural and underrepresented communities
  2. Continue collaborative work with partner coalitions
  3. Develop a rural community bike shop tool kit
  4. Facilitate the creation of Trail Oriented Development guidelines
  5. Develop policy in support of tourism on a state and local level
Strategic Priority: Robust Community Education

Improve access to multi-modal infrastructure and programs

  1. Reduce barriers to access with equitable policy changes
  2. Produce a rural work plan to accelerate construction of safe, and connected communities
  3. Launch Learn-to-Ride Classes in Omaha to prepare the programming for other communities 
  4. Host and design our annual Summit and Winter Webinar Series
  5. Advocate for national recognition of rural active transportation planning and issues
Strategic Priority: Sound State and Local Policy

Advance safety & transportation legislation at state and local levels

  1. Pass updated electric bicycle state statute
  2. Advocate for adoption of mobility justice best practices
  3. Equip local advocacy organizations to increase capacity
  4. Continue work with NDOT Active Transportation Committee
  5. Convene diverse policy advisory committee
  6. Catalyze equitable automated enforcement conversation
  • Valentine Bike Share
    Valentine Bike Share
  • Pedego Bikes
  • JEO Consulting
  • Champion System

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